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Three ways to authenticate
OoB through push notifications. TOTP. Email login.

UNLOQ increases the security of your digital properties through a distributed authentication system that doesn’t require your users to remember passwords.

Authenticating through push notifications, the default mechanism, uses out of band communication to notify users about authentication requests. They can approve or deny the request on their phone after they authenticate with the application.

TOTP & email login are offered as alternative authentication methods for the case the user does not have internet on the phone or the phone is not nearby.

The distributed authentication system UNLOQ provides is a radical increase in security and ease of use compared to the classic “username & password” system.

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Your users. Your brand. Your design.
Use the UNLOQ mobile application or generate your own mobile MFA solution

Starting with the UNLOQ mobile application is as easy as you can get. However, for a custom user experience we let you personalise the application and we'll generate the application files for iOS and Android.

You can customise your logo, colours, splash screen in your mobile and web application. No more third party MFA solutions to promote to your users. Just your brand.

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Real time analytics

All the data you need to better serve your users. Know exactly where and when they try to login, what authentication methods they prefer or the devices they use. You’ll be better placed to assist or to identify suspicious activity.


Do your users come from specific places? With City Wall and IP Restriction you’ll be able to restrict access to your application to specific countries, cities or to IP addresses.

Verified domains & IP addresses, several limitations and timers you can set, come to protect your applications from some of the most used types of attacks.

Logout from anywhere

When using UNLOQ push notification to login into your service, users can logout remotely from their phone wherever they are.

Easy to integrate. On premise or in the cloud.

UNLOQ offers several ways you can integrate, from quick and easy to more customisable types of implementations that let you control every step in your users' journey. Regardless if you want to use it as the only authentication system or on top of your existing one, we do our best to ease the implementation time with:

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Authorise anything
Keep your sensitive actions under control.

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UNLOQ lets you define unlimited actions and associated parameters and then call them through the API. Once called they'll trigger a push notification to users phone for them to approve or deny the request. We'll pass users' response to you so you can take the appropriate actions.

Use transaction authorisation anytime you need to protect sensitive actions in your application like financial transaction, document sharing or workflow approval.

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Encrypt what matters
Protect your users' sensitive data. Even from yourself.

Your users' data are critical and security breaches exposing them can put your business on hold.

UNLOQ allows you to isolate user's data you don't need to operate the business and encrypt them with a personal encryption key that is passed to you with each login.

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Keep your users informed
Notify your users when something meaningful happens with your service.

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Through custome mobile app and notifications, UNLOQ opens a new communication channel for your web or desktop application.

You can define several types of notifications, from text only to simple questionnaires to collect feedback, and push them to your users' phone. We help you keep track of who read it and users' responses.

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