Definitely better protection

Developed with best in class security standards. Hosted on scalable & secure infrastructure.

RSA 2048 & AES 256

We protect data in transit with RSA 2048 and encrypt mobile data with AES 256.


Confirming ones identity is done over a different communication channel.

Better coverage. Increased protection.

UNLOQ protects you against more threats and has a better coverage than other solutions.

Solutions Brute Force Bucket Brigade Keylogging Server Breach Stolen Phone Stolen PC Access on mobile Transaction authorisation Data at rest
QR/Bar code reader
(Clef, SQRL)
Soft token
(Authy, Authenticator)
Hard token
Fingerprint reader

Scalable & Secure

UNLOQ is designed with your applications' security in mind and uses the most secure IaaS providers that can scale with your business.

Distributed authentication

Through application linking, UNLOQ gives you the tools to protect even for the unlikely case UNLOQ would be breached.


UNLOQ uses valid RSA certificates issued by COMODO and we constantly monitor our status with Qualys SSL Labs. AWS & Bahnhof are secure & certified partners that help us protect your users.

Worried about lost phone or PC?

Not anymore. You can deactivate your phone from any computer with an internet connection and remote logout will let you protect your lost PC.


UNLOQ uses AWS and Bahnhof infrastructure with auto scaling enabled.

Responsible disclosure program

We appreciate the help provided by security researchers from all over the world to keep UNLOQ and our customers safe. We'd like to thank everyone for disclosing security issues in a responsible manner.

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