WordPress Two Factor Authentication Plugin

Experience secure Two Factor Authentication

We help you improve the security of your WP account through a system of 3 passwordless authentication mechanisms.

Our Features

60 Seconds Setup

Setting everything up takes no more than 1 minute, right within the UNLOQ plugin.

Fully customisable

Make it your own by setting your favourite colors and uploading your cool logos and backgrounds.

Replaces the WP login

You won’t need to use WP for registering and authenticating users anymore.

Choose your login

You can login with UNLOQ only, UNLOQ as a second factor or Password only.

Role-based authentication

Choose the roles for which to enforce 2FA or UNLOQ only mode.

Set up the login URL

Change the WordPress default authentication URL with the help of the plugin.

Shortcodes feature

Use shortcodes to add more elements to your authentication page.

Authentication page as overlay

You can add the authentication page as an overlay.

Trade your passwords for a push of a button.

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60 seconds installation

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